Workplace Organizational Behavior

Psychopaths in the C-suite: Fred Kiel at TEDxBGI

Discusses the title, how personal character does create tangible business results

C level operatives above the median score generate almost three times the return on assets as those below the median

– The high character CEO’s contributed a average return of 8.4%, those at the bottom of the curve lost money 0.57%

Character in the workplace matters, and character is something that can be taught.

Four moral principles found that if present, people will see great character:

Integrity: (generates trust in the workforce)

– Acting consistently with principles, values and beliefs (walking your talk)

– Telling the truth

– Standing up for what is right

– Keeping promises

Responsibility (generates inspiration in the workforce)

– Taking responsibility for personal choices

– Admitting mistakes and failures

– Embracing responsibility for serving others “leave the world a better place”

Forgiveness (generates innovation in the workplace)

– Ability to let go of one’s mistakes

– Ability to let go of others’ mistakes

Compassion (generates workforce engagement and retention)

– Actively caring for others

Return on Character – Business Metrics:

Return on Assets and level of workforce engagement



Psychopaths in the C-suite: Fred Kiel at TEDxBGI

Burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: More Similar Than You Think

Similarities between Burnout and PTSD

– Exposure to traumatic event OR extreme stressor

– Respond with fear, hopelessness, or horror

– Sleep disturbances, nightmares

– Depression, withdrawal

– Frequent mood changes, generalized irritability

– Avoid activities that promote recall of traumatic event

 Workplace Bullying